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Yumê is the most charming japonese restaurant of Jardim Botânico. And the name, that means dream, couldn´d be more appropriated, as at the Yumê is possible to dinner with a candle light´s atmosphere, over a pool of carps, and also contemplate the stars through a glass roof.

The menu serves the more demanding tastes. The oriental delicacies arrive constantly from the sushi bar, to complete the tables´ scenery, sharping the appetite and the place´s romanticism. The hot kitchen, on the other side, brings exotic plates and novelties permanently renewed.

Placed at the heart of the Horto Florestal (Rua Pacheco Leão, 758) the Yumê opens daily at 7pm, and from Friday to Sunday lunch is served, from 12noon on.

Reservations, please call: (21) 3205-7321 (Rio de Janeiro – Brasil)
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